Do you rent your flat / room at AirBnB,
Booking or another portal?

Our system is for you

One booking calendar for many websites

It will enable you to easily manage reservations on multiple websites - Rentally automatically synchronises the availability of dates and reservations of customers.

By managing all your ads in one place, you will save time and eliminate errors in your dates. The automatic integration will be for you to synchronize the terms and at the same time correct information will be published on many portals.

Thanks to integrated calendars you will increase the rates of browsing your ads, optimize the availability on the portals, ensure the maximum use of real estate.

Beautiful site

Forget about wordpress or the fight against the graphic on the new page of your object. Thanks to the automatic wizard of websites:

  • you can easily create your own site for the objects that you can share through successive social, tourist, local or directly to your guests,
  • clear page layout dedicated to the specificity of the rental
  • you will have professional business cards for your rental activity,
  • you get the option of direct booking,
  • you will receive our support for online promotion,

Clever prices and promotions

Forget about the hours devoted to the analysis of the local rental market, Rentally monitors for you 24 hours a day (on the market) and adjusts (automatically) the rental price to maximize your revenues.

Prices on different portals may include real income after deducting commission costs.

Communication in one place

Increase the satisfaction. Improve customer service and save work thanks to automatic notifications for customers (how to get to the property - after booking and the day before).

You do not need to log in to many portals to answer customer questions, as well as you will not lose time to service them thanks to response templates.

Rentally will also enable you to create campaigns for customers using text messages or e-mails (only to those to which you want to be by the status of customers and blacklist).

“ Super temat. Oszczędza wiele czasu. ”


“ Zwiększyłem zajętość miejsc o ponad 20%. ”


“Nie mam już problemów podwójnej rejestracji na ten sam termin. Wszystko w jednym miejscu.”